Vardaan Arora Ditches Anxiety, Embraces Love On Upbeat New Song ‘January’: Listen


Vardaan Arora writes songs from his own experiences. For the last three years that he has been releasing pop music, a lot of those experiences had to do with fear and dejection, despite his song’s seemingly cheerful melodies. Even his breakout song, “Feel Good Song,” was about attempting to push away inner anxiety.

“I was starting to wallow in my anxiety and my depression,” Arora tells Billboard. “It got to a point where I decided that I wanted to work harder to be happy. I wanted to appreciate what I do have in my life that's going for me.”

The singer followed through on that decision; Arora released his brand new song “January” on Wednesday (April 10), a sprightly, shimmering track about what it means to be deeply in love with another person. Between the glitchy 8-bit beat and the sweeping synths, Arora lets his lover know exactly how he feels. “You lit me up like a matchstick/ Loving me even though I’m batshit/ You felt like summer in January,” he sings.

Arora says that the track is exploring new territory for him, since he had yet to write a certified love song. “I wanted this song to feel like a breath of fresh air in my existing catalogue,” he says. “It's short, it's bright, it's sweet, and even though it is all of those things, it is still one of my most personal songs I have ever written."

The song is also the start of what Arora calls “a new era” for him — along with working on a  “very very exciting” project due out next month, the singer also recently played his first live set in New York City, which he says was an astounding experience. “I'm trying to choose excitement over fear,” he says. “It’s sort of a new motto for me.”

Check out Vardaan Arora’s new single “January” below: