Valee & Calboy Mind Their Business in a Burning Building in New ‘Uninvited’ Watch


It’s a scorching Chicago affair in the new “Uninvited” music video, which Valee and Calboy shared today (Aug 16). The psychedelic visual comes after Valee recently made headlines receiving some backlash for dying his tiny dog's hair bright red for the sake of his Runnin' Rich EP cover, but judging by the pup’s cameo throughout the new video, he seems to be doing just fine. 

The Stripmall-directed visual shows Valee and Calboy navigating through a building engulfed in flames, while the two are completely unbothered as per usual. At one point, Calboy even finds himself face to face with a jaguar on his bed, but the calmness of his vocals on the “Uninvited” hook keep the setting at ease throughout the entire video. 

Earlier this year, Valee released an eight-track EP titled Runnin’ Rich, featuring his fellow Chicago rappers Vic Mensa and G Herbo. Calboy’s recent Wildboy EP thrust him into the spotlight, led by his 2018 hit single “Envy Me.” The two share a similar humble and subdued yet potent delivery style, making it no mystery that the collaboration made perfect sense. 

Watch the “Uninvited” video below.