Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Creates Animated Series In Memory Of Late 11-Year Old Son Kile


Tameka Foster, designer, stylist, and ex-wife of R&B singer Usher Raymond, has been relatively quiet following the tragedy that befell her family back in 2012. Her 11-year-old son Kile Glover was riding in an inner tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta when a family friend reportedly struck him with a jetski. The boy was rushed to the hospital but there was little doctors could do for him. Foster was told Kile was brain dead before the pre-teen suffered cardiac arrest and passed away.

Over the years, Foster has done as much as she could to keep her son’s memory alive, and her new venture has been created in tribute to him. She’s created an animated series titled The Odd Life of Kile Lyles that’s said to be about “an 11-year-old boy, whose day-to-day life changes drastically after a trip to an antique toy museum where he purchases a mood ring, that unbeknownst to him, grants him superpowers.”

Foster is crowdfunding in hopes of getting the 10-episode project completed. She hinted that there may have been others who were interested in producing the series, but possibly wanted to change the concept too much for her liking. “I mentioned previously that I had been working on a new project in Animation…meeting with networks, execs, asking ‘friends’, etc. I’ve now decided to shoot this independently. I do not wish to change the concept, do not wish to lose the integrity of this project, nor do I want to change my ideas for political reasons.”

Foster is the mother of five children, including Kile and two sons that she shares with Usher.