Usher Plays “In Da Club” During Son’s Birth, 50 Cent Reacts


Usher stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show where he spoke about the birth of his fourth child, Sire. He said that during the birth, he he had a playlist with different music, including 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

“The first time, I was in charge of music but I did a terrible job,” Usher said. “But the second time, I came fully equipped. I had my Mophie. I had speakers. I had backup batteries. I had a whole playlist that I had worked on for about two weeks. It was crazy. It was great.”

Usher went on, saying that he felt like playing the song “was befitting of the moment. I felt like I wanted to have a little humor and also energy in the moment. There were many songs played throughout the entire process and I was really, really, really, calculated on how I curated that list ‘cause I did terrible the first time.”

50 Cent later reacted to Usher playing his song during his song’s birth on Instagram, referencing how both their sons names are Sire. “We have 2 Kings now, SIRE Jackson and SIRE Raymond. coolest shit ever!” he captioned the post.

You can check out 50’s post here.