Undertaker, Goldberg Come Face To Face Ahead Of First-Ever Match: Video


Goldberg and The Undertaker came face to face in the ring at the conclusion of SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, setting the stage for their first-ever match at WWE Super ShowDown this Friday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The two professional wrestling legends haven’t had any build at all leading up to their fight, until this week when Undertaker cut a lackluster promo at the end of Monday Night Raw, which was followed by Tuesday’s encounter.

Goldberg entered the ring first and talked about how he has been waiting 20 years to experience what it’s like to stand in the ring with the Deadman. He concluded, “Undertaker, you’re next… to rest in peace.”

Then, Undertaker’s gong sounded and the lights went black. The two men went nose to nose until the gong went off again and the lights went out. When the gong chimed once more, the lights came back on and Undertaker was nowhere to be found. 

“So that’s it. Friday night it is then. Big man, bring your jockstrap and tighten that sum’b-tch up tight, because it’s gonna be a ride.”

WWE Super ShowDown will stream live on WWE Network and be available on pay-per-view outside of the Middle East on June 7 starting at 2pm ET.

Check out the full footage from Goldberg and Undertaker’s faceoff below.