Under Armour Curry 5 "Pi Day" Restock Announced


On March 14th, in celebration Steph Curry’s birthday and “Pi Day,” Under Armour launched 314 pairs the Curry 5 in a special edition “Pi Day” colorway. The limited supply sold out instantly, but UA is giving fans another chance to cop the exclusive kicks this week because “Pi doesn’t end at 3.14, and neither does the Curry 5 “Pi Day” colorway.”

The mathematical anomaly is referenced in several places throughout the shoe, including the Pi symbol on the knit the shoe, the numbers Pi on the sole, and 3.14.18 on the laces.

As Under Armour explains, the Curry 5 is inspired by the ancient Pi equation “squaring the circle” and achieving the impossible, similar to the way Curry’s career had defied all odds.

The Curry 5 “Pi Day” restock is schedule for Friday, April 13 at 10 am ET  SC30-v5.com and ShoePalace.com for $130.