UMG Counters Malu Trevejo's Effort to Void Contract, Says Deal Was With Her Mother & Attorney


“I was treated as an old woman. They tried to change me,” said the Cuban-American social media star.

Universal Music Group is challenging Malu Trevejo's recent attempt to void her contract, claiming the label's agreements were with a corporation represented by the teenage singer's mother and attorney — not her directly. 

The singer born Maria Luisa Trevejo and her camp are claiming her contract is void because she was only 14 when she signed a recording and co-management agreements with Universal Music Latin imprint In-Tu Linea and the deals were never certified by the court. 

Now, in a reply to Trevejo's lawsuit, UMG is arguing her age doesn't matter.

“MELLC is not a minor and has no basis for disaffirmance its contractual obligations to UMG,” states the June 27 reply. In addition, “there is no allegation that MELLC has been deprived the right to the services Malu, there is no basis for Malu to disaffirm the Artist Inducement Letters which were also accompanied by her mother's] parental consent.”

Trevejo, a Cuban-American social media star who has 6.6 million followers on Instagram, debuted on Billboard's Hot Latin songs chart in October with her debut single “Luna llena.” 

In its document, UMG goes on to detail a relationship that began happily in May 2017 and devolved quickly in the last few months. 

In February, says UMG's reply, Trevejo's attorney sent an email terminating the recording agreement because negotiations for an additional advance had reached a stalemate. However, by April, an agreement had been reached and UMG sent amended contracts to Trevejo's attorney. Then, on May 9, Trevejo filed a motion seeking to declare her recording contract void and illegal. 

But Trevejo and her attorney Codi Pellicer tell Billboard the label hadn't “taken her seriously” and failed to help develop her career. 

“I was treated as an old woman. They tried to change me,” said Trevejo. 

“In many occasions Malu asked for help and they did not provided it. After 'Luna Llena' multiple issues needed attention and they failed to  address the issues in a manor approppiate for minor developing artist,” added Pellicer. 

A special hearing with both parties has been set for July 25 in Miami.