Ulices Chaidez Gets Real About His Mexican Roots in 'Growing Up Latino': Watch


Billboard’s new weekly series sees Latin superstars discuss their culture and daily life before they were famous.

Ever since Ulices Chaidez y Sus Plebes debuted their first single “Andamos en el Ruedo” in 2016, it was a no-brainer that the then 16-year-old lead singer would be an artist on the rise.

Ulices y Sus Plebes are currently making the rounds with “Que Bonito es Querer,” a song that secured the group’s fifth top 10 on the Regional Mexican Songs airplay chart in May. Now 18, Ulices is the latest artist to take the seat in Billboard’s series Growing Up Latino, where he got real about his Mexican roots.

Off the bat, he lets everyone know that he is “orgullosamente Mexicano” (a proud Mexican). He also discusses his unforgettable childhood memory, his favorite cartoon, the song that marked his life as a kid, the best thing about being a Mexican artist, and more. But enough with the spoilers, check it out for yourself in the video above.