Ugly God Defends "Whooping" His Dogs After Cops Were Called On Him


Ugly God has a message for the woman that called the police on him after seeing him “whoop” his dogs. The 2017 XXL Freshman filmed a video himself responding to “whoever old ass mama” called the police on him. Ugly God says in the video that, yes, he disciplines his dogs and when he has children, he’ll beat them too. He then goes on to explain why he chooses to discipline his dogs, claiming that they’re incredibly well-behaved and he even goes the extra mile to prove it. The young rapper called his dogs over who visibly do not appear to be scared him at all.

While the extent the “beating” is unknown, we don’t believe that there’s any Michael Vick level nonsense happening here – his dogs clearly love him. Ugly God pulls out a chicken nugget and proceeds to show his followers how well-trained his pets are, using one–a-kind commands including “sit the f–k down.” After the dog sits, he waves the food in front the dog to no reaction, until the rapper says he can eat it. 

Ugly God says that those who criticize people who discipline their kids or pets are “the same people who’s dogs growl at them while they’re eating.” At the end the video, I’m more curious about if the dog responds to a regular “sit” command or if he will only answer to “sit the f–k down” but his response to whoever called the police on him is transparent in the video. Check out the post below.