Tyrese Calls Diddy's "Key To Greatness" Just "ADD Or ADHD"


Tyrese‘s social media happenings have been pretty calm lately. Although, this is just in comparison the numerous updates and headlines on his court dealing between his ex-wife and the custody their child. If you can remember, Tyrese publicly stated that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him $5 million dollars to help him with paying for court cases. The joke was that he lied, and Will and Jada confirmed they never did the deed at all. 

The Fast & Furious actor recently hit up Diddy‘s Instagram to comment a suggestion on one the rapper’s many inspirational posts. Diddy shared a video that sees him reading a book and explaining how he needs to read it “five times” as a way to prepare for greatness. Diddy is seemingly preparing for a conversation with someone and is reading up on something to “take advantage every opportunity.”

“It’s a little better for my brain, cuz sometimes my brain can go on a different direction,” he says in the clip. 

Tyrese follows up on his video telling him that those habits are actually “ADD or ADHD.”

“Most creatives have it bad…. Me too!! Lol we sit down to start reading and can’t stop all the other ideas from popping into our minds…….. Love always champ!”

See below.