Tyra Banks & Her Mom Dress Up As Beyoncé & Tina Lawson For Photoshoot


Tyra Banks has had a storied career over the years as a model, host, and entertainer. While she is recognized as one the most famous supermodels to ever walk the runway, she will be the first to shout out fellow iconic women. On her reality show America’s Next Top Model, Tyra gives tips and pointers to potential stars in the making, letting them know the secrets to making it big in an ultra-competitive modeling world. As she currently promotes her brand new book Perfect Is Boring, where she has a back-and-forth conversation with her mother Carolyn London, the mother-daughter duo chose to recreate some their famous counterparts for Paper Magazine, posing as a few the most iconic mother-daughter duos in the world.

While obvious choices were made like Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross, the pair chose to imitate looks from one the most famous mother-daughter duos in history, Beyoncé and Tina Lawson. As Paper Magazine put it, Tyra Banks has proven herself to be the “queen transformations” and to celebrate that title, Tyra did her best Beyoncé impression in a dress made out soda cans. We have to say, her look is spot-on as, at first glance, we thought we were looking at a photo Bey but alas, it was Tyra and her mom in disguise.

Check out Tyra and the Banks matriarch try out a few other iconic duos and let us know if they fooled you at all.