Tyra Banks Admits She Wasted Six Years Trying To Become A Singer


Tyra Banks is most known for her aptitude in front the camera, whether owning an editorial or magazine cover, or acting as a mentor and judge on America’s Next Top Model. However, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel believed she could make it as a singer in the cutthroat music industry. 

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Banks notes how “I didn’t have a dream to be a model; I was discovered and realized I was good at it and continued to work hard and hone a craft that was already in my nature. With singing it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, look at J.Lo! That looks so fun!’ There’s a difference. I kept pushing (for) six years.”

Banks had only released one solo single “Shake Ya Body” back in 2004, which failed to make any sizeable impact on the charts. The former talk show host even worked with mega-producer Pharrell Williams, whose magic touch was not strong enough to propel her into musical ubiquity. 

Banks ventured along this musical path between 1998-2004, before eventually giving up. “That was my tenacity and tunnel vision and ‘don’t give up’ attitude. When you mix that with something that isn’t your calling, that’s when it can get a little dangerous. It should have been six months, not six years. But because I had such focus, I continued to go down a path that was not meant for me.”

Williams was always a staunch supporter hers, even though their attempt to craft a single never panned out. “Pharrell believed in me, man. … He had to rent that (studio). He invested money in me, and here I am, I can’t even get the damn notes out. He was like, ‘You got this, just loosen up! It’s okay!’ But it never became okay. The crazy thing is a lot it was in my head. I’d go home and sing it so well.”