Tyler, the Creator Sets the Stage on Fire for Tracy Ellis Ross-Assisted ‘Earfquake’ Watch


If you follow Tyler, The Creator on social media, you're probably familiar with the bizarre blond wig he's been teasing for the better part of May. We finally now know that the look is part of his "EARFQUAKE" video, which was released hours after his new album Igor on Friday afternoon (May 17), featuring a guest appearance from actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

The Black-ish star takes on the role of a talk show host named Pearl Edwards. She goes on to awkwardly introduce Tyler, who's rocking the aforementioned blond wig and a baby-blue suit. After answering a few random questions, the Los Angeles native fiercely grabs the mic and delivers an energetic performance. 

The Flower Boy rapper also shows off his range by hopping behind the piano, but once Playboi Carti's verse comes in, the set catches on fire. That doesn't stop Tyler, as he continues to rhyme like nothing happened in the midst of the blaze. Even when the flames are literally burning his flesh, the 28-year-old's laser-sharp focus still isn't shaken.

During a chat with Zane Lowe on Friday, Tyler admitted that he's still a fan of listening to his own music. "I make music I want to listen to. I love this album. It's my favorite so far of mine," he told the Beats 1 host. "I'm not saying it's the best, not saying that it'll be a fan favorite, but so far it's my favorite because it's the potent core of everything I love musically, from the shit I loved when I was 5, to what I found when I was 14, to what I've gotten into in the last two years. It's good."

Check out the "EARFQUAKE" video and his Beats 1 interview below.