Tyler, The Creator Says "Cops Canceled" UK Concert, Hours After Travel Ban Expires


It appears as though efforts to remediate Tyler, the Creator’s travel ban in the UK have been successful. It was reported late last month that one of Tyler’s ardent supporters launched a petition to have him reinstated. Back in 2015, Tyler, the Creator was banned from entering the United Kingdom due to the graphic nature of his lyrics. As the petition stated in his defense, [Tyler’s lyrics] “clearly intended as adult humor [and] hasn’t incited violence.” 

6 hours ago, Tyler posted a picture of himself posing in front of the pearly gates of Buckingham Palace, thus inciting rumors that he’d managed some kind of side-deal to re-enter the country. The Guardian would later confirm that his travel ban was indeed lifted, with immediate effect. In an accompanying Twitter post, Tyler also revealed that he’d be performing cuts from his new IGOR album at the Bussey building in Peckham at 3 pm (today), all but settling the accord of his “unwelcome presence” in Great Britain.

Unfortunately, 30 minutes after he was due to take the stage, Tyler revealed that “cops canceled it,” it being his presentation of IGOR at the Bussey building in Peckham. According to reports, it was venue security and not the “cops” who canceled the proceedings. It’s no secret that England’s hip-hop scene is forced to persist through the systematic oppression of state authorities. It would seem Tyler of all rappers, was subjected to the same totalitarian practices as the Drill scene.