Tyler, The Creator Delivers His New Album "Igor"


As has become the expected way, Tyler, The Creator announced Igor in a sudden manner on May 6th. Now, a little over ten days later, Igor has arrived in all its glory. While many expected Tyler was working on his Flower Boy followup for a minute, Igor’s arrival was still a welcome surprise, with many spending the rollout period speculating on his new sonic direction. Despite the ghoulish connotations of the album title, there is little to find of Goblin or Bastard here, relics of Tyler’s rough and rocky formative artistic years.

Tyler, The Creator Delivers His New Album "Igor" ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Now, the Grammy-nominated artist has fully blossomed as a producer as an arranger, taking a sharp left turn from Cherry Bomb and focusing on conjuring soundscapes. “So many good vocal layers and harmonies on this,” he writes, via Twitter. “Im excited.” In fact, everything seems to be pointing to his most producorial effort thus far, with one of the project’s covers making the credit abundantly clear: “all songs written, produced, and arranged by Tyler Okonma.” 

Now, the lush and melodic Igor is upon us, picking up where Flower Boy left off. Should you have already made your way through, sound off below with your first-listen impressions. How does this one stack up, where Tyler’s discography is concerned?