Tyler, The Creator Confirms "IGOR" Features: Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, & More


Despite this year starting off a little slowly in terms of the quality and quantity of new albums, Tyler, The Creator just delivered a strong project that will net him some early Album of the Year votes. While it’s far too early to determine whether IGOR will stand true to the test of time, fans have been impressed with the body of work after taking in a few listens. One thing that has left people confused has been the question of exactly who was involved in the creation of this piece. There are a few obvious inclusions, like Kanye West’s feature, but streaming services have chosen to leave the feature spots blank and the credits haven’t exactly helped clear things up either. Finally, the Golf Wang artist has decided to shine some light on who helped him out on IGOR, using his Ben Baller pins to do all the talking.

There are likely some names missing, with a good chunk of listeners fully convinced about Frank Ocean making an inclusion on the album. Regardless, Tyler shared a list of names that we can look out for on the tracklist, rocking pins with the names of several artists on his jacket. Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Kanye West, Solange, Pharrell, and others make appearances with the rapper also showing love to Slowthai, Santigold, Jack White, and others.

If you haven’t listened to the project yet, check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Are you hearing anybody that isn’t listed on his pins?