Tyler, The Creator & Bill Nye Team Up For New Season Of "Bill Nye Saves The World"


While those us who grew up in the 90’s probably remember Bill Nye best for his education kids program, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Bill has been making waves in the hip-hop world for a little while now. First, when called out rapper B.o.B. and basketball player Kyrie Irving for promoting flat earth theory, and second, when he featured Desiigner in a sketch on his Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, to teach him about the perils climate change.

The hip-hop collabs just keep coming, as the trailer for the new season  Bill Nye Saves the World just dropped, featuring a familiar face: Tyler, The Creator.

This isn’t the first time the two them have collaborated, Tyler actually wrote the theme song to Bill’s show. However, this will mark the Flower Boy rapper’s first actual appearance on the show.

The trailer doesn’t linger on Tyler’s appearance (there is a lot show to cover, after all) but the moment they do show is promising. In the clip, Bill reveals a contraption that he refers to as “The Shoe Wheel Death.” The actual function the wheel is currently unknown, as it appears on the surface to just be a wheel with shoes on the end moving on a treadmill. Bill seems very excited about the machine, but Tyler, is absolutely unfazed by the whole thing, saying it’s “not that serious.”

The new season  Bill Nye Saves the World is set to premiere on Netflix on May 11.