Tyler, The Creator Becomes ‘Besties’ With Funkmaster Flex in Hilarious Interview & Delivers Flirty Freestyle


One would think that Tyler, the Creator and Funkmaster Flex are total opposites based on their backgrounds and tastes in music, fashion and more. Tyler popped up at Hot 97 and met Funk Flex for the first time, as the two engaged in a 90-minute conversation covering a multitude of topics, which was released Thursday (July 25).

After admitting he thought Flex would be "a piece of shit" based on rumblings he's heard, the pair actually established some common interests including cars and went on to become "besties," as Tyler put it. The interview jumped around quite a bit before Tyler won Flex over, as the IGOR rapper explained why he feels things like marriage and going to college are scams in America.

Tyler repeatedly stated that he hadn't prepared anything to freestyle and it would be done completely off the dome when the time came. "Free Rakim, Free Rakim/ I might fly to Sweden to free him/ Braid my wig, A$AP tat on my rib/ Switch with him, then I can fuck all the Sweden men that I wanna/ Actually, I’m gonna," he raps.

With the California native throwing around flirty bars, Flex can be seen getting quite uncomfortable by the freestyle's end. "Man, this weird as fuck/ I keep flirtin’ with Flex and he ain’t tryna fuck/ Now I’m confused, I’ma leave, I just think that he hate me/ I thought I came here so he could date me/ He talkin’ ’bout a freestyle/ Ugh, n—a, fuck rap/ Fuck that, I was tryna take him back and take off that hat and we could be like muah, muah, muah on the lips," he rhymes, which drew several "pause" interjections from Flex.

Flex and Tyler will link up in NYC once again at Tyler's headlining Madison Square Garden tour stop in September, where Funk Flex offered to perform an opening DJ set free of charge.

Leading with love wins again. Watch the entire interview and freestyle on Hot 97 below.