Tyler Perry Explains How He & Spike Lee Squashed Their Beef


Unknown to us, Tyler Perry and Spike Lee had beef for years but they clearly squashed the hate since Spike was very much present at Tyler’s Atlanta film studio opening this past weekend. Tyler’s new studio sits on 330-acres and different lots are named after Black pioneers in film such as Denzel Washington, Oprah, Diahann Carroll as well as Spike. 

“I don’t care if you have beef with somebody, it is what it is, but the truth cannot deny what he has done in the film industry and how he’s been on the forefront of me and everybody else get to the place where we are,” Tyler told TMZ.

Apparently the beef was squashed when Spike called Tyler and they connected for a thoughtful conversation. “When Oprah and I worked together, it was a huge moment, this moment with me and Spike is a huge moment. So I’m hoping that we as people start to come together and understand that hey, everything’s alright,” he added. 

“When I first saw the land that is my new studio it had been abandoned for years. 10 foot tall grass, snakes, coyotes, etc… but where others saw dilapidation, I saw hope. I saw promise,” Tyler said of his self-titled movie lot. 

“Several advisors told me not to do it. They gave many reasons. It’s a money pit, timing isn’t right, and so on. But I sat there and prayed about it. I came to peace with it, and I bought it.”