Tyga Wearing Travis Scott’s Sneakers After Kylie Jenner Drama Has Twitter In Tears


Somehow and someway, Tyga found himself back in all this Kardashian drama. He’s been trying to call “cap” on the events of last week, including reports that he and his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner were spotted together just hours following her break-up with Travis Scott. As the internet does, everyone was gathered around their small screens with a bucket of popcorn, waiting to see what would happen next. Already, we can see how this is going to play out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but the juice just keeps on getting sweeter. This week, Tyga posted a photo of himself with his stunning whip and phenomenal drip. It only took one person to get the comments started about his kicks though. Adding even more fuel to the fire, T-Raw was posted up in Travis Scott‘s Air Jordan 1 collaboration, making this situation even more dramatic.

The choice may have completely passed over Tyga’s head. He probably woke up in the morning and wanted to wear some fly-ass sneakers, opting for the Cactus Jack’s. He must have forgotten that the internet doesn’t play around with things like this though, pointing out the TS logos and running with it on social media.

Some fans are calling Tyga “disrespectful” for the post while others are just calling the move petty and moving on. Do you mess with this level of sub-foolery or do you think it’s a little extra? Alternatively, y’all think Tyga just woke up and wanted to wear the one’s or was this calculated?