Tyga Gets Fed By Salt Bae While Enjoying Miami's Fine Dining Scene


Friends don’t leave friends hanging, especially when it comes to consuming delicious food at one Miami’s best spots to dine out. Tyga followed this advice to a tee when he hit up Salt Bae’s new restaurant in South Beach, giving his fans some Lady and the Tramp imagery to go along with the experience.

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The Bugatti Raww rapper hit up Nusr-Et, the steakhouse-style eatery from walking meme Nusret Gökçe, better known as the Salt Bae, during a recent excursion to Miami. Naturally, the man himself was on hand to personally deliver some the establishment’s most delectable treats to the Compton-born artist, who seemed to be getting a big kick out the atmosphere. Striking his famous pose, with one bent arm cocked in the air, distributing some salt over the meat he was serving, Salt Bae has reached the level auteur in the restaurant business. You can check out the full clip below.

The most priceless moment the entire video no doubt occurs when Tyga finally bites down on the sausage fered up by Salt Bae, the meat perched precariously at the end a long, sharp kitchen implement. The crowd at surrounding tables, many whom were filming the moves both men on their smartphones, were rollicking in laughter at Tyga’s shyness when it came to grabbing the meat with his mouth. There’s no doubt that he’ll have some fond memories this trip to Salt Bae’s Miami digs.

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