Tyga Could Be Facing Repo Warrants After Failing To Produce $111k In 2015 Lawsuit


TMZ has learned that a promoter whose complaint against Tyga was blatantly disregarded is vowing to collect on those damages, even if it means getting paid in jewelry or valuables seized by a sheriff’s search warrant. The issue stems from a booking Z Entertainment made in 2015, calling for the rapper to perform at Body English in Las Vegas.

Tyga Could Be Facing Repo Warrants After Failing To Produce $111k In 2015 Lawsuit

Matt Winkelmeyer/KCA2019/Getty Images

According to the lawsuit initially tabled by Z Entertainment, although Tyga met the requirements of the concert itself, the fact that he performed the night before at another Vegas venue constitutes a breach of contract as per their arrangement. Z Entertainment claims that part of the stipulations in their deal called for Tyga to not perform any concerts a week prior to the event, and a month after (as well) – a peculiar arrangement, but one that Tyga consented to nonetheless, out of exclusivity I’d imagine. 

Z Entertainment was awarded a default win in court when Tyga no-showed his legal summon. The issue is Z Entertainment was never renumerated for the court order, a whopping $111,000 in docked earnings. After X amount of years of patience, the production has finally had enough, coupled with the fact they just witnessed the LA rapper boastfully show off a $500,000 expenditure in jewelry. As of this writing, Z Entertainment has contacted both the  L.A. and Orange County Sheriff’s departments in order to seek the necessary permits to obtain those assets + interest by way of force.