Two Elderly Nursing Home Patients Sneak Out to Attend Massive Metal Festival


Metalheads are a notoriously devoted group and apparently, that doesn't wane with age. Two elderly men snuck out their nursing home in Germany on Friday (Aug. 3), to attend one the largest heavy metal festivals in the world, tentimes dubbed as '"The Metal Mecca," Wacken Open Air.     

According to the German news publication, Deutsche Well, the men were found "disoriented and dazed," by police at the festival at 3 a.m., which is when the stages typically shut down for the night. They were then escorted back to their nursing home. 

It's currently unknown how the men escaped the home, what their intentions were and how far away the festival -- which takes place in the small town Wacken, Germany -- is from the home. Wacken Open Air began as a small gathering in 1990 and now pulls in approximately 75,000 metalheads every year. This year's lineup included sets from In Flames, Ghost, Cannibal Corpse and Nightwish. among many others.