Twitter Reacts To California’s 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake


This past Thursday, on Independence Day, the state of California was hit with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. The natural disaster mainly occurred around the Ridgecrest area but was felt throughout the southern California area. Following the aforementioned earthquake, another one hit shortly afterward which was around a 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. The quake resulted in a series of gas leaks, fires, and water breaks and roughly 130 residents ended up in shelters based on reports by CNN. The second earthquake was very close to one which occurred in 1857 that caused a 220-mile mark and 7.9 magnitude on the Richter scale. Governor Gavin Newson declared the event as a state of emergency. As such, Twitter users have reacted to the event with their own interpretation of the events along with videos documenting the happening. 

Of course, some Twitter users made light of the event by using a slew of memes to describe what could have caused the earthquake. It seems social media has a knack for bringing the fun out of situations, no matter how dire they often seem. Nevertheless, the majority of the content linked to the tweets captured the reactions of everyone from news anchors to athletes like the Dodgers. Check out the tweets below.