Twitter Drags Kim Kardashian For Publicly Complaining To Jack In The Box’s Social Media Account


It’s not unusual for people to go on Twitter to complain about a business or a service, and some even do it publicly, on said business or service’s official Twitter account. Unhappy with the McDonald’s employees stinginess with the extra sauce? Go on social media and shame them into making sure you’re adequately sauced up. Is it any different when a celebrity does it? It certainly seems to be, when said celebrity is Kim Kardashian.

The professional celebrity and aspiring lawyer took to the platform on Monday with what was essentially the loudest “I’d like to speak to your manager” request in Twitter history, aimed at the fast food restaurant Jack In The Box.

The Jack in the Box social media manager took that “pronto” quite literally, replying within a mere 24 minutes of Kim’s post. They were unable to complete her order, it seemed, and said that they were having issues DMing her.

So Kim took to Twitter again, this time to defend herself and guilt them publicly.

Others piped in to express their were concerned, too, starting with that The latest social media trend sees corporate mega-brands replying to Tweets with very personal-sounding responses, and some fast food chains took the opportunity to reply to Kim’s message, poking fun at, and chastising Jack In The Box.

There were, of course, digs from other Twitter users too, who piped in to give their comedic takes on the situation.