Twitch Streamer Confesses To Killing Dog During Livestream


The internet is a great place to get to know people all around the world without every having to leave your home. However, an online connection doesn’t mean you know all your internet friends. For example, Twitch streamer RajjPatel hosted a stream where he was joined by fellow streamers. When he asked a guest what the worst thing she has ever done was, Twitch user Aqualadora – real name, Simone Scott – admitted to intentionally killing a dog.

” I used to work as a veterinary technician and I once killed someone’s dog on purpose,” Scott said, beginning to recall the story, “No one knew because, you know, pressional … I mean, it was a really bad person.” The Twitch streamer went on to justify her decision, stating that the owner and dog were “shitty”. Twitch users quickly tracked down the video, and Scott is now receiving threats from hundreds people, leading to attempts at doxxing; trying to share Scott’s personal details online.

Scott now claims that the comment was a joke, but many community members don’t believe her. They’re now curious as to why the streamer’s account is still live, believing it’s a breach Twitch’s guidelines. Patel made a statement saying he kicked Aqualadora f his stream after hearing her story. Polygon is awaiting a response from the Santa Cruz police to find out if they’re investigating the situation.