Twista Reacts To Quick-Rhyming Rappers Like J.I.D, Denzel Curry, & Ski Mask The Slump God


One of the fastest rappers in the game is here to give his OG opinion about rising artists are their quick-rhyming flows. Back in 1992, Chicago rapper Twista secured his spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest rapper in history after spitting 11.2 syllables per second. Rapping rapidly is a skill that many artists possess, but not all do it well. Twista caught up with Genius‘ The Co-Sign to share his thoughts on this generation’s hip hop artists who are leaning on fast rhymes to craft hits, including Denzel Curry, J.I.D, Ski Mask the Slump God, and WYNNE.

“See it’s dope, I’m already in tune,” Twista says of Dreamville’s J.I.D. “And I already know that they in tune with my flow. When I heard they tune I was in tune with they flow. I actually feel like this cat is one of the dopest rappers when it comes to doing a Twista type of style or something that’s unique. This is one of the guys that comes the closest.” He added, “The video is dope but I’m so into the verses and the lyrics…his ‘fit off the chain though. It’s funny that you pulled that one out. This is one of the guys that I feel like do it right. I would have put him like, number one or two.”

Twista Reacts To Quick-Rhyming Rappers Like J.I.D, Denzel Curry, & Ski Mask The Slump God
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

WYNNE was next. “Uh oh, I even gotta try and deal with the white girl with the fast flow, oh sh*t,” he said while smiling. “I’m checking out the flow, listening to it. I see she got the look and everything. And she switching it up. She knows how to come with the fast flow and then she got other ways of doing it.” Twista said he “f*cks with her” after complimenting her style and flow saying, “I think she fits in rap in a place where it’s not so focused on her looks even though she looks good. That right there is like a breath of fresh air as far as hearing a female spit a flow and do her thing and it’s not focused on her race or her gender. She’s killing it. She wants you to see that’s she’s dope.”

Ski Mask the Slump God received nothing but praise from Twista who exclaimed that he loved the rapper. “He’s dope as hell, that’s the homie,” Twista said. He also commended Ski Mask on not just rapping fast but rapping in a way that makes it unique to his sound. After the first few seconds of listening to Quadeca, Twista stated that he “flat out don’t like it.” Twista added, “I can clearly hear that he can rap but it’s just a little corny to me. I don’t like the sh*t, nah.”

Denzel Curry followed, a rapper that Twista said he’s a fan of. “The first sight is a person who doesn’t care and he’s crazy but when you hear or listen, you hear the genius of it.” Twista also said he respects the way Curry combines his lyricism with visual art. “Denzel’s just killing it. He’s just wild with it, doing his thing, I like his whole vibe, image, the way he come off.” He adds, “This is a person I would probably reach out to to help keep an OG in the game.”

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