TWICE Talk Their Addictive Brand of K-Pop, Covering Jackson 5, Drake's 'In My Feelings' & More: Watch


K-pop nonet TWICE spent the last weekend in Los Angeles at KCON 2018 LA, where the members sat down with Billboard to talk about some their recent activities and their music.   

Group leader Jihyo reflected on why TWICE — one the most popular girl groups throughout Asia in recent years — has received so much love from audiences. "All the songs that we release, each the songs they have a 'killing part,'” she said. "They're really easy to memorize and even our dances, there are parts that are easy to follow along."

They also addressed their recent cover the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” which they released for a Japanese rom-com.

"We're extremely honored that we were able to cover this Jackson 5 song," said Dahyun, drawing laughter when she called the group TWICE's seniors and added a Korean honorific (선배님) to the act's name. "We just had so much fun filming the music video and recording the song. Our fans actually really enjoyed the song so I think in general it was actually a really enjoyable experience for us."

After being one the most popular acts at KCON, is a United States tour on the horizon for the group? Maybe someday. "After meeting our ONCE fans here today we're realizing so many them are waiting for us in the U.S.," said Nayeon. "So if given the chance we would definitely like to plan a U.S. tour."

Watch the entire interview with TWICE at KCON 2018 LA above. The members also talked about their new song "Dance the Night Away" and Momo and Chaeyoung's partaking in Drake's "In My Feelings" viral challenge.