TWICE Get Ready to 'Dance the Night Away' in Tropical New Watch


Popular K-pop girl group TWICE returned today (July 9) with their latest single “Dance the Night Away.”

Their second Korean single the year, and their fourth overall due to two Japanese releases, the nonet’s latest is a summery EDM and groovy pop track that bounces around over a beat thumping bass, bright horns, and blaring synths. Like all TWICE songs, their latest incorporates an earworm a hook, in this case the cheerful declaration , “Let’s dance the night away!” over the dynamic melody. 

The music video for “Let’s Dance the Night Away” turns the nine-members TWICE into castaways who wash up in on a beach. Turning a terrible situation into a bad one, the women explore the island, take advantage the suitcases they washed ashore with, and end up doing exactly what the song’s title suggests over the shuffling choral beat. Upon waking the next day and seeing a nearby boat, they decide to go back to sleep, ostensibly to remain in their little slice tropical paradise.

Fitting with the song's vibe, the simple, hand-focused choreography featured in the music video shows the members TWICE performing energetic sweeping-and-slapping gestures in time with the beat.

Fans have had a lot to say about the music video's aesthetic, with some going so far as to joke that TWICE’s music video is how Lord the Flies would have ended up, had it been about females. The fervor led the music video to surpassing 4 million views on YouTube within the first six hours its release.

“Dance the Night Away” is one three new tracks released on the girl group’s Summer Nights album, an extended reissue the group’s April EP What Is Love? Along with the single, Nights also features the bubbly tropical vibe “Chillax” and the saccharine synth-pop “Shot Thru the Heart.”

Since their arrival on the K-pop scene in 2015, the nine-member girl group has rapidly grown to become one the most prominent female acts throughout much Asia. Since 2016, they have seen seven albums appear on the World Albums chart; April's What Is Love peaked at No. 3. They will be performing Stateside at KCON 2018 LA later this summer.

Watch the music video for TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” here: