Twenty One Pilots Get Funky on 'My Blood': Listen


Twenty One Pilots seemed determine to show us the full breadth their musical playbook in the run-up to the release their Trench album (Oct. 5). The latest peek into the dark rebel story behind their follow-up to 2015 break-out Blurryface dropped on Monday night (Aug. 27) and it's called "My Blood." The moody track has thick funk underpinning, driven by a fat bass line, robotic drums and singer Tyler Joseph's disco-fied falsetto.

The lyrics may or may not continue the storyline that first emerged on the three Trench tracks that have emerged so far — "Jumpsuit," "Nico and the Niners" and "Levitate" — which have been laying out the story Nico and the Nine, a group that appears to be the new version to the tormenting character Blurryface and the upstart rebel group the Banditos. In a keening falsetto that would make the Bee Gees proud, Joseph repeats "Stay with me, no, you don't need to run/ Stay with me, my blood, you don't need to run" the song's throbbing beat. 

The video for the track shows Joseph in a dark recording studio playing the song's hypnotic bass line while bobbing his head; the singer updated his Instagram for the first time in over a year with an image from the session. It's unclear if the song is a continuation the story in the trilogy ficial Trench videos we've seen so far, but the lyrics do seem to have a maverick spirit in the third verse, where Joseph enigmatically raps, "If there comes a day/ People posted up at the end your driveway/ They're callin' for your head and they're callin' for your name/ I'll bomb down on 'em, I'm comin' through/ Do they know I was grown with you?"

Fans got a brief preview the song at the Aug. 20 MTV VMAs when it appeared in a commercial.

Check out "My Blood" below.