Twenty One Pilots Billboards Popped Up in Major Cities Overnight: See Pics


Following the newsletter that was sent to members  the Twenty One Pilots mailing list last week (July 6), the band's social media has awoken and the new era has begun.

Adding to the already high amounts suspense, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new logo and color scheme on billboards that seemingly appeared overnight in cities like London, Toronto, and Berlin.

Previously, on Friday (July 6), which happened to be the one year anniversary the band going silent, subscribers to the Twenty One Pilots newsletter received an email with the subject line, “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?” and a GIF  an eye opening slightly.

Today (July 9), the band followed up by updating all their social media sites to an all yellow and black aesthetic and posted a singular, captionless tweet  a video featuring the eye even more open with indistinguishable sounds playing in the background.

Check out the tweets about the billboards below.