TV Series ‘Loquito Por Ti,’ Set in Colombia’s 1960s Music Scene, to Debut in U.S.


Spanish-language Estrella TV will debut the popular 80-episode Colombian show in the U.S., starting April 22.

Loquito Por Ti is a Colombian TV series based on the stories of Rodolfo Aicardi and Gustavo “El Loco” Quintero, real-life protagonists of a golden of age of Colombian music: the 1960s.

The trailer teases some enticing music scenes for fans of that funky go-go era of Colombian salsa and cumbia, promising a show in which “music, friendship, love and heartbreak are the principal protagonists.”

Loquito Por Ti (“Crazy About You”), which originally aired on Colombia’s Caracol network, will debut on the U.S. Spanish-language channel Estrella TV on April 22. The 80-episode series will be shown daily, telenovela-style, at 7 p.m. ET.

The series is, as Estrella’s promotional copy puts it, “a timeless drama of two best friends joined by music but separated by a tangled love triangle.” It stars Variel Sanchez and Sebastian Carvajal as the musicians who start out sharing a dream of stardom, and Mariana Gomez as the singer who comes between them.