Tupac Influenced Left Eye’s Controversial Behavior, TLC Producer Claims


Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes will forever be chiseled into the face of pop culture and music. Although she was taken away from us too soon, her contributions to the game will be remembered. However, her legacy carries on, not only because of the music that she created but as well as the controversies she faced in her lifetime. In a recent interview with VladTV, TLC’s producer, Dallas Austin, revealed that one hip-hop legend may have instilled the idea in Left Eye’s head that “bad publicity is good publicity.”

Tupac Influenced Left Eye's Controversial Behavior, TLC Producer Claims
Dave Luchansky Online USA, Inc./Getty Images

It isn’t a secret that Left Eye and Tupac had a tight relationship with the TLC member even having had tat in honor of the rapper. However, Dallas Austin revealed that it may have been Tupac’s fault that she acted a bit recklessly in her younger days. Austin and Vlad discussed the incident where Left Eye burnt down Andre Rison’s house, although it was an accident. In the grand scheme of things, Austin explained that ‘Pac gave Left Eye some advice in her career that drove her to act up.

“I remember when they called me and said, ‘Look at the TV. Lisa burned the house down.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, here it goes,'” he recounted. “She had this thing that — 2Pac told her a long time ago, ‘If they’re not talking bad about you, they’re not saying nothing about you.’ And she would just act out even more based off of that. Even though I don’t think she meant to burn the house down, she had this streak in her at the time and it ended up being like they lost endorsements.”

Peep the whole clip below.