Troye Sivan Joins Nicole Kidman in Trailer for Gay Conversion Therapy Drama 'Boy Erased'


While many know him as a pop superstar, Troye Sivan got his start in the entertainment business as an actor. Appearing in films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Spud trilogy, Sivan has proven that he has acting chops along with his stellar singing voice.

Now, Sivan is lending his acting talents to the upcoming film Boy Erased, based on the true story author Garrard Conley’s experience inside a gay conversion therapy camp. The film stars actor Lucas Hedges as Jared, a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality when his religious mother (Nicole Kidman) and Baptist preacher father (Russell Crowe) decide to send him to conversion therapy in order to “fix” him.

The trailer follows Jared as he enters gay conversion therapy and comes into conflict with the program’s lead counselor Victor Sykes, played by director Joel Edgerton. In one particularly harrowing scene, Sykes places a chair in front Jared and asks him to imagine his father sitting there and to tell him why he hates him. “I’m not gonna pretend I hate my father, I don’t hate my father!” he yells. “I’m angry] because you’re making me angry.”

Another scene shows Jared having a calm conversation with Sivan’s character, Gary, who tells him to just give his family what they’re looking for. “Tell them what they want to hear,” Sivan says in his best American accent. “Play the part. Unless you really think you can change, or even want to.”

The trailer also features a yet-unreleased track by Sivan and Sigur Rós’ Jónsi called “Revelation.” The quiet, ambient track provides the background for the emotionally ravaging trailer. Sivan shared the trailer on his Instagram, calling out the song, saying “Featuring ‘REVELATION,’ an original song written for the film by Leland, Jónsi and I. Couldn’t be prouder to be a part this project.”

Watch the full trailer for Boy Erased below: