Troye Sivan Explains Why Being Labeled a Gay Icon Feels ‘Uncomfortable’ for Him


Watch the singer/songwriter answer Vogue’s 73 Questions.

In the latest installment of Vogue’s 73 Questions series, YouTuber-turned-pop-star/actor Troye Sivan walks through his manager’s California home while discussing tour life, his film debut and being labeled a gay icon.

Though he has been touring the world since January, Sivan told man-behind-the-camera Joe Sabia that he is excited to start songwriting again, but hopes to dive more into acting after his supporting role in 2018’s Boy Erased.

Sivan said the film ­– a drama about a gay teen being sent to conversion therapy — was a difficult-but-rewarding experience. However, when asked how he felt about being referred to as a gay icon, Sivan was quick to note that the moniker makes him "uncomfortable" due to the often unrecognized diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sivan’s boyfriend of three years, model Jacob Bixenman, also made an adorable cameo in the video. The couple answered a few questions simultaneously, revealing their differing (but equally valid) celebrity crushes: Shawn Mendes for Sivan and Harry Styles for Bixenman.

After giving a taste of his runway strut, last used when he walked for Yves Saint Laurent in 2015, Sivan ended the interview with a series first: cannonballing into a pool, fully clothed.

Watch the full interview below: