Troye Sivan Discusses Pride, 'Dance to This' With Ariana Grande & More on Beats 1


On Wednesday morning (June 13), Troye Sivan premiered his latest single “Dance to This,” featuring Ariana Grande, on Apple Music's Beats 1 with Zane Lowe. Sivan also sat down with Lowe to discuss the collaboration’s origins, performing with Taylor Swift and the significance Pride Month.

While Sivan and Grande have known each other for a couple years, working together didn't become a topic conversation until recently. The Australian singer said he’s always in awe the performer, but was initially nervous to ask her to hop on “Dance to This.”

“I think that she's just the coolest. I basically just texted her the song. I sat on it for a couple weeks because I'm nervous to ask people for stuff,” he revealed to Lowe. “I don't want to ever put anybody in an uncomfortable position where they’re like, 'This song is terrible and I don't want to be a part it.' So I kind waited and then I was like, 'You know what? I'm going to regret it if I don't ask.' So, I sent her the song.”

Sivan said the 24-year-old singer replied instantly in all-caps and excitedly asked when she could work on it. It just so happened that they would be working at the same studio that day, so they hung out to discuss life and which vocal parts Grande would take in the song. She sent her part to Sivan the next day.

The “Bloom” singer also talked about his special appearance during Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour stop at the Rose Bowl. The Swifty originally asked for tickets to the show as a fan, which were granted to him under the condition that he join T-Swift onstage for a performance. Sivan prepped on his own for three days and sound-checked with the “Bad Blood” singer the day the show. While he was nervous leading up to it, Sivan said it became the best moment his life.

This June marked Sivan’s first time performing at Pride, and he sang his hit “My! My! My!” in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. “It was so fun. I've been to Pride parades before but never played one. I really just went for it. I stage-dived for the first time,” he shared. In the interview, he admitted that stage-dive may have been an exaggeration, but he went on to open up about his first Pride parade and the significance the yearly celebration.

“My first Pride parade was the first time that I — I was under age, so I couldn't go to clubs yet — it was my first time being surrounded by a majority people that I felt like understood me and were like me, because growing up, I didn't know any gay people, let alone being in a space where everyone is celebrating who you are and who they are. To me, Pride is such a sacred event, so to be able to enjoy it at its fullest and be onstage in front all those people and celebrating with them, it's crazy.”