Trouble Has Found A Second Calling As A Meteorologist


Last year, Trouble aka Big Skoob delivered one of 2018’s strongest, most criminally underrated projects in EdgewoodThough he’s been relatively quiet in 2019, the Atlanta rapper has taken a break from crafting his follow-up project to pursue his second calling: meteorology. Evidently, Trouble is a natural at the whole weatherman thing, as evidenced by his sanctioned turn on Atlanta-based station 11 Alive News. 

Citing Emmy nominated journalist Neima Abdulahi’s co-sign as a point of inspiration, Trouble took to Instagram to reflect on his experience. “@neimerdreamer x @11alivenews told me if I ever needed a joB they have an opening at Being the new meteorologist!” he writes, sharing video proof of his natural aptitude. “Tune in as I prepare you for this weeks weather!” And thus, “weatherman Skoob” was born.

“Hey, you tuned in with your weatherman Skoob,” he begins. “I’ma take you through the rest of your week so you can be prepared, don’t be scared. Hello! Today is Tuesday, as you can see we got the sun out, it’s hot as a tamale out here…Throughout the week, you can see it’s going to be a little cloudy till you get up to Friday this weekend. Bring your coat out and bring your Floyd Mayweather boots, you gon’ need em! Fifty percent chance of rain, can you stand it? Hello! Thank ya!” 

Much respect to Weatherman Skoob! In the meantime, we’re looking forward to catching Trouble’s next endeavor, whatever it may be.