Troi Irons Asks You to Slow Down & Appreciate What You Have in ‘Hold On to Your Heart’ Watch


For alternative rock singer Troi Irons, success is not the ultimate goal. She'd love to get to a place where she has achieved her goals, but she won't compromise her emotional well-being in order to get there.

That's what she wants to make clear in her song "Hold On to Your Heart," and in its brand-new music video (premiering below). Directed by Irons, the video sees dancer David Freeland Jr., covered almost completely in glitter and rhinestones, powerfully dancing through his pain in an empty warehouse space. Irons looks on, joining him at one point, while playing her guitar and singing "You don't know what but something's changed … just remember, hold on to your heart."

In an interview with Billboard, Irons says that she wanted to create a space on the set of her video shoot where expectations could be subverted, including in the talent she brought in both in front of and behind the camera. "I was searching for DP's [directors of photography] and everyone making high art was male … I had just shot my album cover with Mikayla Gamble, who had never shot a video before," she says. "I knew she could expand my perspective in a way many other people could not … It’s a cool feeling to know I’m creating this brand and this art that’s enabling me to change the culture around me."

As for the deeper meaning behind the video, Irons says that she wants her fans to take a pause and look at how far they've come in their lives. "As a society, we tend to focus on the next goal and the next milestone. We don’t stop to celebrate the here and now," she says. "Once we get the goal and we move up in life, and we achieve money and fame – we become consumed by material things and status. We forget who we were and how we got there."

Irons has a simple message that she wants to spread: "For those working on achieving their dreams and for those who are already living their dreams — hold on to your heart."

Check out Troi Irons' gorgeous new music video for "Hold on to Your Heart" below: