Trippie Redd, Tadoe, & Chief Keef Target 6ix9ine On "I Kill People" Snippet


The saga continues. Days after Tadoe threatened 6ix9ine with his now-infamous “I Kill People” line, Trippie Redd wasted little time in seizing the opportunity. While 6ix9ine continues to bond with the woman at the center it all, Cuban Doll, Trippie has amassed an anti-Tekashi crew for a new diss track. The track in question is the appropriately titled “I Kill People,” featuring Tadoe and Chief Keef on guest vocals. Trippie originally previewed the collaboration on his Instagram, along with some cover art from 6ix9ine and Tadoe’s FaceTime conversation. 

Over an instrumental from OzMusique, Trippie spits lines like “you know I kill people, real people, from the trenches where it’s real lethal, to real regals.” While he never quite mentions 6ix9ine by name, he does allude to the target in question needing to “find his chill.” It’s no surprise that Tadoe decided to grace the track, as he clearly feels some type way about 6ix9ine and Cuban Doll’s budding relationship. Admittedly, it’s probably better that this one is settled on wax, rather than through further violent escalation. It seems to have already gone too far, if the pictures Cuban’s bruises are any indication. 

One thing is for sure. Tekashi continues to give no fucks. He recently posted up a picture himself and Cuban Doll celebrating his birthday in Hawaii, where a fair bit play fighting ensues; clearly, the “Billy” rapper is unfazed by the commotion. As for Trippie & co’s diss, it’s unclear when that one will be dropping. No doubt they’ll want to capitalize on the hype, so expect this one sooner rather than later.