Trippie Redd Responds To Album Criticism With Cheeky Meme


Trippie Redd’s latest album, !, dropped earlier this month and has been receiving mix reviews from critics and fans alike. Pitchfork’s Sheldon Pearce has described the album as “dull and unimaginative on top of being restrictive in form,” and given it a 5.5 rating. Anthony Fantano of the TheNeedleDrop shared these sentiments handing the record a “Not Good” rating. 

Trippie Redd’s latest Instagram post is a direct response to the backlash his latest project has been experiencing. The post is a screenshot of a tweet reading “When people are still calling you trash and you put out a versatile album,” followed by Trippie’s own caption, “🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤓 like every year I drop tho nun new 💕💕💕👁 oh and p.s FUCK SPONGEBOB 🧽 🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽🧽.” 

Some fans seem more offended by the Spongebob diss than the sonic insult they felt that Trippie’s album was, “Took a L for dissin Spongebob” one fan wrote. Another echoed with, “you did not just disrespect spongebob like that….” Others focused on the removal of the track, “They Afraid Of You” featuring Playboi Carti from the album. “Can u put the carti feature back up,” one fan asked politely. We asked Trippie for an explanation; to which, he replied, “Hell yeah, I should just let them be theories, they can just come up with theories about Playboi Carti. We just gon’ leave ’em in the blind.”