Trippie Redd Mocks Soulja Boy Mercilessly On Instagram: 'Shut The Fuck Up!'


Although Soulja Boy may not have been responding to Drakeo The Ruler during his latest Instagram rant, Trippie Redd was definitely talking about him during his.

Following Big Draco’s December 19 spill where he went hoarse defending his legacy against rapper Johnny-come-latelies, the Pegasus rapper didn’t mince his words while giving his opinion on the entire spectacle.

“I started this shit … I was the first nigga to go viral on YouTube,” a shirtless Trippie Redd teased on Instagram Tuesday (December 21) in a ridiculously shrill voice while also mocking Soulja Boy’s stature. “Nigga…nigga…NIGGA!” he continued with his exaggerated tone.

After the theatrics ran their course, Trippie honed in on his specific gripes.

“Bro it’s life, shut the fuck up!” Trippie yelled with a laugh. “Do it again! Tell that nigga do it again, man! Nigga be ranting and talking all this crazy shit on the internet. Do it again! Can you go platinum for engineering and producing songs again? Nigga be prolonging the situation. Bro, it’s 30 plus years later — I’m Big Soulja! It’s 30 plus years later my nigga, wrap it up! Clean it up. When’s the last time you went platinum this year? Last year? The year before that? The year before that?”

Soulja Boy has an eventful past few days on the Internet — specifically on Instagram Live — where he’s shown no issues raising his voice towards an invisible audience. In addition to the aforementioned spaz out, he again went Live to skewer specific media outlets for reporting that he was bossing up on Drakeo The Ruler. Despite the recently freed rapper’s incessant disses, Soulja Boy has made it a point to talk around him, leaving fans with the impression he’s above responding to that particular timeline.

Much like Drakeo however, Trippie Redd went on to call cap on Soulja Boy’s street cred and hint at a situation currently unknown to the general public.

“That nigga got on the internet and said a bunch of NOTHING about NOBODY,” Trippie continued while sparking a blunt. “This internet shit be getting to people’s head — I swear to God. I be wanting to go Live and just say certain shit about nigga because it just be like, ‘Bruh, shut up! You not no gangsta.’ Niggas wanted to handle some gangsta shit at your crib, you did some pussy nigga shit, I don’t fuck with you no more.”

2020 has been busy for Soulja Boy as a whole, having released a pair of independent project sequels (Swag 3, King Soulja 9), seeing his name thrust into the Verzuz conversation and even removing his face tattoos.