Trina’s Still "Not Cool" With Ex French Montana


There are many rumors about how Trina‘s relationship with French Montana came to an end, and most of them have to do with infidelity. If you believe the gossip, French not only cheated on Trina with Khloé Kardashian but broke up with Da Baddest B*tch for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. French and Khloé dating throughout 2014, but they couldn’t seem to make their short-lived romance work.

Trina's Still "Not Cool" With Ex French Montana
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Earlier this year, French denied claims that he cheated on the Miami rapper and that he was “single as a dollar bill” when he hooked up with Khloé, but something is still brewing in that drama. During a sit-down with Angie Martinez on Untold Stories of Hip Hop, Trina shared that even now years later, she and French are not on good terms.

“French and I, we’re not cool,” Trina said. “But I did see him after, like, the whole situation with him and I at the Puff Daddy tour. He asked me to perform. They wanted to come and perform and I was just like—” Trina was interrupted by a stunned Angie who couldn’t believe that the rapper would ask Trina to take to the stage even though they weren’t speaking. “French is crazy,” Trina replied.

“So yeah, it was in Miami. It’s my city, it’s Miami. I’m like, I’m gon’ go out here and kill it. This is my city. It was just weird. It was a great show. How you doin’, good to see you, good to see you, and let’s keep it moving.” Check out Trina’s clip below.