Trina Has Some Things To Get Off Her Chest…Tomorrow


Miami spitter Trina was minding her business when her name was thrust into drama. Recently, Trina’s A&R representative of Rockstarr Music Group, Reginald Saunders, had a few things he felt the need to share about Nicki Minaj, and they weren’t favorable. On Trina’s album The One that was released back in June, she collaborated on a track with Nicki Minaj titled “BAPS.” Fans anticipated that the song would be a single that would eventually have an accompanying music video, but the collaboration never unfolded into anything more.

According to Saunders, Nicki failed at supporting the single and accused her of “deception & manipulation.” “This isn’t the first time @nickiminaj has pulled this stunt and trust me it’s cool,” he wrote on Instagram in a now-deleted post. “I can’t get over how fake people can be for a Lil fame , likes and followers. when everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I can’t wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can’t stop karmas reign, shame on you.”

Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes, also went on Instagram Live to criticize Nicki, saying that Trina was a nice person who will continue to be friends with the “Megatron” rapper despite being upset. Everyone seemed to be speaking up about Trina’s situation aside from Trina, so she let her followers know that she would be addressing all of the gossip on Wednesday.

“First of all, everybody that knows me knows anything that I gotta say, I will say it and address it,” Trina stated. “I don’t need anybody to speak for me. Second of all, everything that I have to say, I will address it tomorrow. So, catch me Live and I will say it one time and one time only. I will not repeat myself.” This could go either way.