Trick Daddy Roasts Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Calls Him A ‘White Bigot’


Trick Daddy had a lot to say about Florida’s current governor Ron DeSantis and verbally assailed the Republican for his anti-trans rhetoric while a guest on It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper.

The “Let’s Go” rapper called DeSantis a “white bigot” and, while speaking on the TMZ podcast, blamed him for the substantial rent increase he’s experienced within his home state before admitting this is all their own doing.

“Yeah we let him in, we let him in and we accepted him. We let him in and we let his family in… for what it was and he came and he’s a white European bigot. He forgot that he’s from another country, so he’s an ‘other.’ So he forgot about that. Forgot about the struggle. Forgot about us. We did that. For all you motherfuckers that’s listening that didn’t listen that didn’t vote, that’s worse than the motherfuckers that voted for him. We’ve let him become who he is.”

Raquel then asked for his thoughts on DeSantis anti-trans and pro-life agenda.

“He need to go check his closet and make sure none of his kids is in the closet and he just needs to understand that what he’s doing is he’s singling out all types of people in all walks of ways of life,” Trick said. “That is a racist, biased law and I think it need to be shut down. He always got the Don’t Say Gay bill, then you got the thing where a woman can’t have an abortion after a certain amount of time even if she was raped. A lot of women is not mentally capable of raising kids, let alone should be having no kids.”

He continued, “Once it’s out there, you can’t have an abortion the average young girl whose been molested by her step dad or her teacher or her coach or her priest, she gonna be so scared and nervous that by the time she tell her mama what happened, she gonna be 16 weeks and stuck with a baby from a motherfucking predator and it gonna be Ron DeSantis fault because rape victims are not protected either.”

This is far from the first time Trick Daddy has shared his blunt thoughts with TMZ. In April, he got some pushback from the Bey hive after he questioned Beyoncé’s singing ability to TMZ, but walked back the claims almost immediately.

“Trust me, I love Beyoncé and I respect her business aspect,” he explained. “I’ve watched her grow since she was a little girl into what she is now… I was talking about ‘sanging’ and ‘singing’ as two different things. One of these trolls took a piece of the conversation and put it on the internet.”

With that said, he still had some choice words for Kevin Hart for some reason.

“Kevin Hart ain’t funny, never been funny,” he stated. “Kevin Hart is not funny. He’s not funny to me. Kevin Hart is not a funny guy. I’m saying this because I hope I can get him on my cooking show and he can give me a Will Smith beat for saying what I said because people get slapped for saying certain things.”

Watch the full episode of It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper below.