Trey Songz Shrugs "Weird Flex" At The Jealousy Over His New Love Thing


After photos surfaced of Harvey and Trey Songz spending the vacations collectively in Los Angeles, the Internet was seemingly reassured, they had been, the truth is, an merchandise, case closed. For Trey Songz, this could not have come at a greater or worse time. But you’d to suppose, Trey Songz desires to be acknowledged for his songwriting abilities when the event requires it, not one other meaningless dive into the tabloids, nevertheless ironic that will appear.

Songz made his emotions recognized to the Tweeters crowding his inbox with two succinct memos, the primary of which touched on the jealousy anticipated, the second, his want for privateness. Read ’em and weep, people. To those that are literally jealous, go to the aquarium, there are plenty-of-ackee fish to go round.