Trey Songz Gives A Smooth R&B Remix To Megan Thee Stallion’s "Big Ole Freak"


You may recall at the end of last month, when a video from the 2019 BET Awards after-party took the internet by storm. The clip features Houston Hottie on the rise, Megan Thee Stallion, twerking it out to her song “Cash Shit” alongside Teyana Taylor. The real star of the short video though, was Trey Songz, who could instantly be recognized standing closely behind the two twerkin’ ladies, as he half-observed, half tried to maintain a close as possible proximity to the ass shaking performance. The internet quickly, and hilariously reacted to clip, pointing out Trey’s overly enthusiastic expression, which only further highlighted that the new father was down for whateva with Ms. Hot Girl Shit.

Now, after the clip has finished making its rounds around the web, Trey Songz himself has brought it back, but this time, the backing music is a track of his own. “One time for Meg…” Trey captions the Instagram post, in which he previews a remixed version of Thee Stallion’s 
Big Ole Freak.” Typical of the suave crooner, Trey Songz adds an R&B switch up to the otherwise rap-heavy original track. Slowing things down slightly to make the song’s sex factor even more clearly apparent, Trey brings out his smooth vocals as he recites “big ol ass, look at them hips/ cat so fat like look at them lips,” and we just can’t help but wonder whether it’s a certain Stallion he’s lusting after.