Travis Tritt’s Bus Involved in Fatal Car Accident Following Myrtle Beach Performance


Country star Travis Tritt's tour bus was involved in the tail-end of a fatal car crash after his performance in Myrtle Beach on Friday night (May 17).

Shortly following the accident, Tritt shared on Twitter that his tour bus was "side-swiped" in the wreck, which occurred on Veteran's Highway just outside of the popular destination on the South Carolina coast. A vehicle driving the wrong way caused the accident, and Tritt described the tragic turn of events for his followers.

"We sustained minor damage as we tried to avoid the crash site in front of us," he wrote. "Bus damage can be fixed, but lives cannot be replaced. I’m so incredibly sad for those who lost their lives tonight."

He added that he had heard the accident was a result of impaired driving: "Just a sober reminder to everyone to never drive if you’ve been drinking or impaired in any way. Uber or Lyft is just a phone call away… I beg everyone to please, please, please drive sober. Know when to admit that you are too impaired to drive."

Tritt is scheduled to perform at Anderson Music Hall in Hiawasee, Georgia on Saturday (May 18).