Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner On Good Terms Despite Her Hanging Out With Tyga: Report


Famous parents Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship is once again the talk of the town following the news that the pair have broken up. Initially, social media users accused the pair of faking their split for publicity, especially because the news came just a day after Travis shared his single “Highest in the Room” was set to drop this Friday.

The ever-private couple may never speak on what caused the disintegration of their relationship, if they’re truly over, but rumors have already begun to circulate. TMZshared that the former couple was riding the highs of Astroworld‘s success and their luxury vacations, but the lulls of everyday life became too difficult to handle. 

According to the outlet, the two capped on the honeymoon phase of their relationship and were unable to make it world after their heads got out of the clouds. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Travis and Kylie reportedly have broken up as there were rumors of infidelity earlier this year. Meanwhile, Kylie was reportedly captured by paparazzi heading to Tyga’s recording studio with her girlfriends in the wee hours of the morning which garnered some witty responses on social media. Check out a few below and let us know if you’re still counting down the days to “Highest in the Room.”