Travis Scott Is Still In A Deal With T.I.’s Grand Hustle Imprint


Kanye West might get a lot of credit for Travis Scott‘s meteoric rise to the top but it was T.I. was very early on LaFlame’s talent. Before the release of Owl Pharoah, T.I. signed Scott to Grand Hustle and has seemingly been riding with him since. Although they’ve undoubtedly had their own disagreements, and many believed that Astroworld was Scott’s final album on Grand Hustle, that isn’t the case, as HHNM points out. Travis Scott is still signed to T.I. and his recently released single, “Highest In The Room” was released through Grand Hustle, Cactus Jack, and Epic Records. The song was serviced to the radio recently and the promo flyer for the song includes the logos of all three imprints at the bottom. 

Whether or not they have a personal relationship is not entirely clear but they’re certainly still in business with each other. Many have questioned whether the rapper was still on the label because they haven’t necessarily associated with each other publicly in recent times. But that’s likely because Travis Scott’s established himself as a star in his own right.

With the release of “Highest In The Room,” perhaps that means a new album from LaFlame is on the way. He was recently on Zane Lowe yesterday where he teased “Cactus Boys on the way.” Keep your eyes peeled with that.