Travis Scott Gifts Kylie Jenner With a $1.4 Million Ferrari


Travis Scott gifted his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner with a $1.4 million Ferrari.

Kylie went on Instagram Stories over the weekend and showed f her "push present"—which is a present that father's give the mothers their newborn children. Kylie and Travis welcomed daughter Stormi Webster to planet earth on Feb. .1 Usually, a push present is a ring, or like, a really nice box cookies or something. But then, this is the Kardashian-Jenner clan we're talking about.

Kylie also showed f the baby on Snapchat yesterday (probably to make up for their plummeting stock).

At any rate, there were only 500 units the Ferrari ever made and it sold out before normal people even knew it was on sale. It's powered by a 788-horsepower V12 engine and can travel 0 to 60 MPH in under three seconds.

As for Travis, he was recently honored with the key to Missouri City, Texas earlier this month. He also rented out two theaters for kids to see Black Panther in Stafford, TX last week, referencing Drake's "God's Plan" Challenge.